4931980 DODGE RAM TRUCK 5.9L CUMMINS DIESEL Engine Computer ECM Repair Service

Brands: Dodge
Remanufactured response time of 2 to 3 business days.




4931980 DODGE RAM TRUCK 5.9L CUMMINS DIESEL Engine Computer ECM Repair Service


1) You must buy our service.

2) Be able to send the piece to the following


4606 fm-1960 RD W, Suite 226, Houston Texas, 77069.

3) You will receive a message with all the information that the technicians will request to work on your ECM.

Our assistants will be attentive to any questions or queries you have throughout the process, if you have any technical questions you can request that one of our technicians call you.

What we do at TRN Electronics

This is a repair and return service for your ECM.

We work with all part numbers.

We are specialized in Diesel and Gas.

Just send us your ECM and we’ll repair, reprogram and upgrade it.

Not all electrical parts are repairable due to the magnitude of the damage, this happens only when the damage is very large, otherwise our team is trained to work with parts considered irreparable.

In case your module is badly damaged and you want to replace it, we also offer new and rebuilt replacement modules.

If the module is good or not repairable due to the extent of the damage and you do not want a replacement, we will return it to you and only charge the $100 for the revision.

Our services have a one year warranty, the warranty is canceled when the part is altered, mistreated or incorrectly installed.

We offer free technical support throughout the process, before and after.

Our work team is trained to evaluate, detect, repair, update and reprogram, within the highest quality standards, guaranteeing a 100% satisfactory job. All the parts leave the laboratory rebuilt and tested in simulators that guarantee our solution to the problem.

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